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In many ways the entire decade of the 2020s will be the most tumultuous decade in American history. The soul of our nation hangs in the balance.

The battle rages, not only for a nation, however, but more importantly, for a cleansed, wholesome, and powerful Church. Instead of the Church being a subculture, the real believers shall become a counterculture..

We have come to the brink of the realization now that authentic Christianity will survive without America, but America will not survive without authentic Christianity.

This is a book to help believers navigate the tumult of the 2020s to emerge as an authentic remnant.

In The Tumultuous 2020s, you will receive:

  • A heaven sent warning to avoid a national disaster.
  • Wisdom to identify America’s true enemies and to navigate through demonic minefields and humanistic ideologies that are designed to destroy our nation and dilute the Church’s power and effectiveness.
  • Courage and strength to overcome the greatest test American believers will face in their lifetimes.

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Tumultuous 2020s And Beyond by Author Bert Farias
Cleansing the Temple by Author Bert Farias

Both Ananias and Sapphira, together with Simon the sorcerer, attempted to introduce into the glory of the early Church corrupt values that would have defiled and greatly diminished her glory. However, it was stopped at the door and the glory was protected and allowed to increase.

In like manner, the true judgments of the Lord that produce holy fear and genuine repentance, along with prevailing prayer, must return to the Church, so there can be a thorough cleansing and the glory of the Lord can be restored.

  • In CLEANSING THE TEMPLE you will receive revelation on the coming judgment and the restoration of God’s glory in today’s Church.
  • You will understand the mystery of iniquity and how the love of money, position, and power has greatly limited God’s glory.
  • You will gain greater discernment into the importance of holy character and the difference between the wisdom of God and the wisdom of man.
  • Your hunger for purity, prayer, and the real power of God will be deeply stirred.

The Real Jesus by Bert Farias

Many are convinced that they are faithful Bible believers but, in fact, worship a feel-good, self-help, motivational, and manageable Jesus — one which the Bible refers to as “another Jesus” (1 Corinthians 11:4) — one contracted from an idolatrous image they’ve built up in their minds, based on sentimental Western values. This counterfeit Jesus makes no demands on their time, money, words, social life, or sexuality. Could the Americanization of Jesus be veiling our eyes from the real one? In the midst of this great and growing deception, God is looking for uncompromising believers and real disciples who are wholeheartedly committed to proclaiming the real Jesus.

Are you serving the Americanized Jesus or the real, Biblical Jesus?

Passing the move of God to the next generation book

This book, Passing on the Move of God to the Next Generation, is like a template for the New Testament Church. Its words act as a plumb line that will help restore the uncompromised Word and the fullness of the Spirit back to our pulpits and churches.

When we compare the Word that the early apostles preached and that of our more recent Pentecostal forefathers, we find a depth and richness rarely evidenced today. Additionally, there was also an understanding and accuracy in the spiritual operations that are clearly missing from normal Pentecostal and Charismatic experience in this generation.

Prayer book by Author Bert Farias

Prayer: The Language Of The Spirit is a short and poignant book that helps lay a foundation from the Word for knowing and walking with God. Each chapter directs the earnest believer into possessing a life of communion with God and praying without ceasing.

Prayer is walking with God. It is habitual fellowship with God. You can walk so close to God that you feel like you’re in heaven. The key that will move you toward this richness of communion with Him is to not only know the Word but to cultivate a receptivity and sensitivity to His Spirit and presence.

You can experience this kind of life in God if you will pursue Him. It all begins with receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit and praying extensively in other tongues. This is the language of the Spirit.

Here’s a beautiful story of the miraculous fulfillment of a promised son’s entrance into the world to the season of the son’s departure from home---a joyful journey that takes you into the heart of a loving relationship between a father and a son

This book is one of the most unique books on father-son relationships you will ever find. Co-written by father and son, it has a personal touch and an intimate tone that will leave you teary-eyed one moment and then rejoicing the next. Within its pages you will find a spiritual quality of training and a godly example of shepherding children that will both enrich and empower parents. It also offers hope for those parents who have fallen short or started late in their child training. Dr. Brown's Interview with Bert

My Son My Son book by Bert Farias

The primary basis of all judgment concerning the deeds done in our bodies is our motives. Our values determine our motives, and our motives are the real reason behind our thoughts, words, and deeds. Only God can see the true motives of every man's heart.

Almost all human beings have something to hide. Nearly everyone twists words, events, and situations to their own advantage, to place themselves in the best possible light. Men often have ulterior motives and hidden agendas. This is sin and a form of hiding.

Adam and Eve first hid from the presence of the Lord in the garden after they had fallen. But there will be no hiding from the presence of the Lord on that solemn Day of Judgment.

Purity of Heart by Bert Farias
Real Salvation book Author Bert Farias

Can you imagine feeling secure in a salvation you don’t even possess? Such is the state of mass humanity today. We have libraries full of sermons yet still so much confusion and deception about what the real salvation is. With poignancy and pinpoint clarity this short and sweet book cuts through the fat of satanic philosophy, exposes the deception of the broad way of religion, and shines the light on the narrow path to eternal life..

Most books are 200 pages with 30 pages worthwhile, and 170 of fluff. The Real Salvation is 70 pages, but every word counts. Make it count for you and your unsaved friends and loved.

Bert Farias' book Real Spirit Revival

In this book, Bert challenges the status quo of Christianity today and redefines its true spirit which is one of revival and of living the Spirit filled life. With one eye on the coming glory of the Lord and His soon return, and another eye on the harvest of souls yet to be reached, The Real Spirit Of Revival takes the reader into a preparation to becoming a true lover of Jesus and a passionate worker in His kingdom. These vital truths that dot each new chapter of this book are sure to awaken you as one from a deep sleep, and light a fire in your soul.

If you are tired of a mundane relationship with God and desire to burn with His holy fire this book is a must read.

With piercing prophetic insight this book exposes the fallacies and shortcuts in the modern gospel and calls us back to Jesus and the cross. Its message reveals why so many Christians and churches today lack power, endurance, and character. Written in the spirit, style, and plainness of speech of the old timers, it breathes into today's shallow gospel the life of the spirit of holiness, giving us fresh eyes on old truths.

This is a critical book for the hour – a real wake up call to all. Backed by an abundance of scripture The Real Gospel is as truthful as it is radical.

Spiritual book The Real Gospel
Soulish Leadership, building kingdom of God

This book is for everyone... who longs for purity of heart. who desires to be set aright in the core of his being. Who dreads God's disapproval more than man's. Whose greatest phobia is the fear of a wasted life and burned-up works. The works that endure God's testy fire will one day be rewarded. Others will suffer loss(1 Cor.3:13-15). Will your works stand the fire or will they go up in smoke. In that day the motive of every heart will be made clear. Leaders will be judged by a higher standard. Only one question will matter then, and it's the same question that matters now: Are you building your kingdom or the kingdom of God?

If you are tired of a mundane relationship with God and desire to burn with His holy fire this book is a must read.

The Journal of a Journey to His Holiness

Praying in tongues is both a purifying fire and a devouring fire. As you pray in other tongues the fire of God will devour your works of wood, hay, and stubble while at the same time purifying your works of gold, silver, and precious stones. This will save your works at the judgment seat of Christ and cause you to enter into a sure reward.

This journal is written from Spirit to spirit as deep crying unto deep. As you drink of its rich contents with an open and hungry heart there will be an unveiling of hidden secrets and a closeness of God’s presence that will edify your life.